Exceptional Quality Through Beer

Bloodville Brewery

In the 1800s, along the banks of Kayaderosseras Creek, some of the finest axes in the world were produced by generations of the Blood family in an area known as Bloodville in the town of Ballston. Blood & Company was revered for their superb attention to quality and detail, they were awarded the commission to provide “Blood’s Battle Axes” during the Civil War. Isaiah Blood also know as Colonel Blood was a greatly respected member of this community and went on to become a State Senator.
Here at Bloodville Brewery we pay tribute to our heritage and honor Colonel Blood’s commitment to family, community, integrity, and exceptional quality through our beers.


Ironbound Pear
7.0% ABV – style of product

Ballston, NY

 We are a craft-distribution and importing company built on the passion for the product we sell.  Inspired by the liquid in the bottle, we have scoured the US and beyond to find, what we believe, to be the best beer, cider and mead available in the world.  We go to great lengths to then get these liquids to the customer in the best possible condition.  Our suppliers work hard to make a world class product and we’re dedicated to treating them with the respect they deserve.

We do not carry multinational macro-lagers or “utility” beers

We do not carry beer brewed with adjuncts used to reduce flavor and body.

We are not in the business of “moving boxes”