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Night Shift Brewing

Night Shift Brewing began as an idea. In a small kitchen on Josephine Ave in Somerville, MA, a trio of roommates started homebrewing beer for friends and family. This hobby took place after our day jobs, going late into the evenings, becoming what we called “night shift brewing.”  It was was 2007, and our goal was to craft and share beers that were more interesting and flavorful than the commercial options on shelves.

Over several years, Night Shift Brewing (the hobby) grew and evolved. Rob dug deeper into recipe development. O’Mara began working on a rough microbrewery business plan. And Ox started making labels for their homebrews, each adorned with a “hop owl” logo he drew.  The logo drew inspiration from their hobby’s nocturnal nature, along with the hops that go into each beer.




Everett, MA

 We are a craft-distribution and importing company built on the passion for the product we sell.  Inspired by the liquid in the bottle, we have scoured the US and beyond to find, what we believe, to be the best beer, cider and mead available in the world.  We go to great lengths to then get these liquids to the customer in the best possible condition.  Our suppliers work hard to make a world class product and we’re dedicated to treating them with the respect they deserve.

We do not carry multinational macro-lagers or “utility” beers

We do not carry beer brewed with adjuncts used to reduce flavor and body.

We are not in the business of “moving boxes”